Top Entry-Level Luxury Compact Sedans of 2016

A small vehicle is sometimes just what you’re looking for, but you still want something that you can fit the entire family in and that’s why you want at least a sedan. Of course, these sedans are not only a little smaller, but they’re also super luxury on the inside and the outside. So which vehicle are you going to want to try for yourself? Well we have definitely got the ones for you, and they’re part of exactly what you’d think of with luxury.

audi-a3The Audi A3 is the first of our favorites and that badge on the front is going to draw your attention first, but the design of the sedan is going to keep it. You’ll really love the options, which are a convertible or a sedan version, so you get to choose just how luxury you really want. Plus it comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. You can upgrade to an all-wheel drive and in the near future you’ll probably be able to get the diesel version again as well. With the good gas mileage and the low price there’s really no reason that you won’t want to drive this vehicle and with a simple application you could own this vehicle right away.

bmw-2-seriesThe other favorite we have is the BMW 2-Series. A little smaller than the other versions, the 2-Series still gives you enough space for the family. All you need to do is get in this eight speed automatic (though you can choose a four-speed automatic or six-speed manual as well) and you’ll be loving it more than anything you’ve driven before. The rear-wheel drive is the regular one, but you’ll be able to choose an all-wheel drive as well. If you upgrade to the higher level handling package you’re going to love the improvements to braking, suspension and steering, but even without those you’re going to have great benefits. With the really great price that comes along with it you’ll really enjoy this luxury vehicle.

There’s no reason you can’t drive a luxury vehicle. Just because other people have always told you that there was no way you’d be able to afford it doesn’t mean that you really can’t. It means that you definitely need to take a little bit of time to check them out for yourself. These luxury vehicles could easily be in your price range. You won’t believe how great the pricing is and the great features that come along with that pricing either. So don’t tune out a luxury vehicle just because you think you can’t afford it. The prices are great and the rebates are even better.